5 Wrong Things People Will Tell You about Long Distance Relationships

In the past, the idea of being in a long distance relationship seemed unrealistic, and most people opposed it. Although times have changed and long distance relationships have become easier to maintain, some of the misconceptions surrounding them have not changed. It’s true that long distance relationships are not the same as normal relationships, but not everything you hear about them out there is true. Thanks to social media, two people who are far apart can develop feelings for one another, and they might end up spending a life time together.

Here are five misleading myths about long distance relationships:

  1. Things won’t work out

All relationships whether normal or long distance ones have a difficult period, so the misconception that only long distance relationships are hard shouldn’t stop you from being in one. As long as you go into a long distance relationship knowing what to expect and ready to put in extra efforts, times won’t be as hard as people make them seem.

  1. You’re better off single

Most people assume that long distance relationships can’t work due to the distance apart and two people cannot be fully committed to the love they share, so it’s better to stay single. Nonetheless, even in a normal relationship, being close to your partner doesn’t guarantee things will work out. No matter what people say, provided you are willing to make sacrifices, then there’s no reason why your long distance relationship shouldn’t work.

  1. Your partner will cheat on you

There’s a common misconception that long distance relationships are built on unfaithfulness, but that’s not true. It doesn’t matter whether you live under the same roof, in the same neighborhood or several miles apart, if you partner is a cheater they’ll still cheat. Cheating is a personal habit that shouldn’t be blamed on the distance apart.

  1. Long distance relationships are very expensive to maintain

Some people will tell you that long distance relationships are way too expensive due to traveling expenses especially when you are not living together. However, you might be spending the same amount of money on leisure activities alone or in the company of friends so the argument doesn’t make sense at all.

  1. You can still live a normal life

When getting in a long distance relationship, you must be willing to meet your partner half way if you want things to work out. For instance, you might find yourself switching job locations so that you can get closer to your lover. Besides that, you should also assess whether your partner feels the same way and if they are willing to meet you half way.

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