How to Show Affection in a Long Distance Relationship

Falling in love with the right person can take a lifetime, but’s what’s harder is showing your lover that you care about them in a long distance relationship. If you’ve never been in a long distance relationship, it’s likely that you might have a hard time showing affection to your lover. Being apart makes people behave weird, and you have to start over in learning how to show love and care to your partner. Nonetheless, there are many ways you can keep your relationship strong even if you are miles apart from each other.

Here 5 easy ways to show love and care in a Long-Distance Relationship:

  1. Go on an ‘online date’

Being miles away from each other doesn’t mean you cannot still do the things both of you enjoy together. Just set a time that is convenient for both of you and watch a movie via Skype or let your partner have a glimpse of what you are up to, whether it’s going shopping, playing soccer, etc.

  1. Send them a snail mail

Although you might be in constant communication with your lover via texts or calls every day, you can still go the old fashioned way by sending them a letter. Relationship experts claim that nothing speaks louder than a handwritten message. Besides that, adding a lovely image emphasizes your message better than you can imagine.

  1. Keep oiling the relationship

When you are in love with someone, complementing them generously even when other people find them annoying or silly makes them feel appreciated. Your partner feels more confident and strong when you show them that you admire the things they do. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that someone cares and appreciates you, they become your inspiration.

  1. Be a keen listener

Another way you can show affection for your lover is by listening keenly to what they are saying. Although asking questions creates the impression that you care about your partner, listening avidly to their responses allows you to express your feelings. Having something who is willing to listen to your stories whether they are boring or exciting makes us feel significant and soothed.

  1. Send them treats

Who doesn’t like getting a treat once in when they don’t expect it? The fact that you are miles away from your lover shouldn’t stop you from sending them surprises. There are hundreds of ways you can send them treats such as edible arrangements, flowers, customized holiday baskets, etc. from local businesses in their neighborhood that offer delivery services.

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