Signs of Infidelity in Your Long Distance Relationship

If you are in a long distance relationship, at one point in time you’ve probably wondered whether your partner is cheating on you. Several Research studies suggest that cheating rarely occurs in long distance relationships compared to normal relationships. However, this doesn’t guarantee that lying and cheating can’t happen, the long distance apart might prompt your partner to be deceitful. The truth is; no one wants to imagine that the person they are in love with or growing to love might be having an affair with someone else. It could be even a simple emotional cheating or phone sex with strangers using one of free phone chat line services. It doesn’t have to be physical to hurt your feelings. But how do you know whether your partner is cheating in your long distance relationship?


Here are 5 signs that your long distance lover might be cheating:

They no longer say I love you

People who are deeply in love are fond of using special words such as ‘I love you.’ When someone is cheating, they have a hard time using such words since it makes them feel guilty. If your partner doesn’t reciprocate the love and kindness, you show them, that’s an indication their feelings have changed.

They have a history of cheating

Nearly half of the people who have cheated on their partners once do it again. Therefore, if your partner has a history of infidelity, you can be certain that at one point in the relationship, they’ll also cheat on you. You can find out whether your partner is cheating by evaluating the friends he hangs out with often.

They don’t have time for you

If your partner always says they are too busy or too tired to talk, then that’s a sign that they are cheating on you. For them to spend time with someone else, they have to sacrifice the time they spend with you. The best way to catch them is by saying that you’re also busy, but you can still manage to schedule a date with them. If they react angrily, then it’s like they are cheating.

They like starting unnecessary quarrels

It’s common for one partner in a relationship to start a fight as a way of ending the relationship. They bring up arguments as a way of trying to put the blame on you since they feel guilty. Beware of such behaviors; it could be a sign of a secret lover.

They are chatting a lot with a new friend on social media

Let’s face it several relationships have developed through social media and yours might be one of them. Therefore, if your partner has a new friend who keeps popping up on their feed and they haven’t mentioned them to you, be very cautious about that.

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